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EtherScope nXG

Wiremap Adapter Compatibility

Wiremap adapter compatibility for NetAlly products.

How to Obtain a Packet Capture

Steps on how to obtain a packet capture for troubleshooting purposes.

Android Platform Version

Android platform commercial version for LinkRunner G2 and EtherScope nXG

Buffered Test Results per Unit (Link-Live)

Number of test results that are buffered when unit is unable to connect to Link-Live.

How to find a Serial Number

How to find a Serial Number of any NetAlly product.

How to take a screenshot (EtherScope nXG, LinkRunner 10G, AirCheck G3, CyberScope, CyberScope Air)

How to take a screenshot and access it later on the EtherScope nXG, LinkRunner 10G, AirCheck G3, CyberScope, CyberScope Air.

Creating Custom Autotest Profiles (EtherScope nXG)

How to create custom autotest profiles with the EtherScope nXG.

802.1x Authentication EAP Types

Definitions of supported EAP (Extended Authentiation Protocol) types for 802.1x authentication.

Supported SFP's and Measuring Optical Power

Fiber support for NetAlly products to include SFP modules that are supported.

Missing Switch Information via CDP/LLDP

NetAlly products examine and parse the first Layer 2 (CDP/LLDP/EDP/FDP) discovery packet.

Power On Issues (EtherScope nXG)

If your unit will not power on please review the steps in this article.

Enhanced AutoTest Features (EtherScope nXG)

New AutoTest features added to version 1.2 of the EtherScope nXG.

Data Collection for AirMapper (EtherScope nXG, AirCheck G2/G3)

How to collect AirMapper data on the EtherScope nXG or AirCheck G2/G3.

AirMapper Heat Maps (Link-Live)

How to view AirMapper Survey heatmaps after uploading to Link-Live.

AirMapper Data Rates (EtherScope nXG)

How data rates are determined in the AirMapper app on the EtherScope nXG.

Cloud Remote (EtherScope nXG)

How to remotely connect to your EtherScope nXG from Link-Live.

AirMapper Feature Availability (Link-Live)

Table which outlines availability of various Link-Live features with and without AllyCare.

AirMapper Filename use for .amp in Survey (EtherScope nXG, AirCheck G2/G3, CyberScope Air)

AirMapper .amp file name for use in AirMagnet Survey PRO.

AirMapper Survey Types (AM Survey)

Passive and Active Surveys within AirMapper

JSON Files

How to view data in an exported JSON file.

Topology Information (EtherScope nXG)

Viewing Topology Information in Link-Live

iPerf & Speedtest Limitations

Speed limitations when using iPerf or Ookla Speedtest.

Battery Pack Options (EtherScope nXG)

Optional battery packs, purchased separately, for the EtherScope nXG.

100BaseBX Support (EtherScope nXG/LinkRunner 10G)

How to use 100BaseBX on the EtherScope nXG or LinkRunner 10G.

Local Reporting (EtherScope nXG, LinkRunner 10G)

How to save and access local reporting options.

No Log4j Security Vulnerability Product Impact

Impact of Log4j security vulnerability on NetAlly products or websites

Power Adapter Options (EtherScope nXG/LinkRunner 10G)

Power adapters for the EtherScope nXG and LinkRunner 10G.

Forgotten Password for Product Registration Site

Follow these steps if you forget your password when logging into NetAlly's product registration site.

Unit reboots when using Camera (EtherScope nXG)

Configuration settings to prevent unit reboots.

Activation and Registration Process

Registering your AirCheck G3, Etherscope nXG (EXG-300), CyberScope, CyberScope Air, or LinkRunner 10G with AllyCare

Remote Connection with Spectrum (EtherScope nXG)

When using a remote connection to EtherScope and Sepctrum, the connection can drop.

Cannot connect to WiFi, Excess ARP activity (EtherScope nXG, AirCheck G3, CyberScope Air)

Solution for excess ARP activity on the EtherScope nXG, AirCheck G3, and CyberScope Air

Certificates - Requirements and Troubleshooting (EtherScope nXG)

Supported certificate types and troubleshooting.

Performance App for Dark Media (EtherScope nXG/LinkRunner 10G)

Instructions and setup for using the performance app to test to test dark media. LANBERT is the preferred method.

Missing Cisco AP Names

Enabling names for Cisco Access Points

Updating Software (EtherScope nXG, LR10G, AirCheck G3, CyberScope, CyberScope Air)

How to update the firmware/software on your EtherScope nXG, LinkRunner 10G or CyberScope.

VNC Connection and Settings (EtherScope nXG)

How to remote connect with VNC Viewer.

What is the EtherScope nXG? (EtherScope nXG)

EtherScope nXG is a powerful network tester & WiFi 6 diagnostics tool.

Discovery (EtherScope nXG)

How to use the Discovery App on the EtherScope nXG.

How to obtain Log Files

How to export log files from the EtherScope nXG, LinkRunner 10G, AirCheck G3, CyberScope, or CyberScope Air.

Simultaneous Active/Passive Survey (EtherScope nXG)

How to run an active and passive survey simultaneously on the EtherScope nXG.

Failed Buffered Link-Live Uploads

Description of buffered upload list; how to recognize and clear failed uploads to clear buffered list.

PoE Charging (EtherScope nXG/LinkRunner 10G)

How to charge your EtherScope nXG using Power over Ethernet (PoE).

Registering Your NetAlly Network Test Products and AllyCare Key Code

How to register your products so you don't miss out on important benefits.

Restore Factory Defaults (EtherScope nXG)

How to restore factory defaults through the UI and from recovery mode.