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AP Alias & ACL (AirCheck G3, EtherScope nXG, CyberScope, CyberScope Air)

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To use friendly AP Alias, you may complete this in two ways.

If you have many APs that you wish to name, the most suitable method is to use the authname.txt file option. This is demonstrated in the video below.

If you only have a few APs that you wish to name, you may complete this via the device.

Note: For Link-Live/Air Mapper viewing the ACL process would have to be completed before the onsite wireless survey. At this time the AP name can not be changed after the survey has been uploaded to Link-Live.

AP Alias - Bulk import via ACL:

Import ACL Files - YouTube Video


AP Alias - Via device:

Open the Discovery Application, filter by APs if required, Locate AP you wish to name then click the lower right option for Name and Authorization

Type in friendly AP name and select the appropriate class 

Repeat this process for all required APs:


These names would also be uploaded to Link-Live with the same Authorization class.