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Local Reporting (EtherScope nXG, LinkRunner 10G)

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NetAlly® takes a multi-layered approach to ensuring customer satisfaction and trust. Please view How is my data secured in Link-Live? if you want more information on security. If you are unable to use Link-Live then local reporting will need to be enabled to access your data.


Enable Local Reporting

1.  From the home screen, open the Link-Live app.

2.  If you are utilizing Link-Live, please make sure you upload any current test results or they can be permanently deleted.

3.  Move the slider button to "Save Locally Only".

4.  Your data will now be saved locally in the JSON file format.


Data Review & Reporting
For reporting, you can view and manipulate the JSON file in a few different ways.

1.  Download an utilize a JSON app from the App Store.

2.  Import to Excel and utilize power builder features.

3.  Add a JSON Chrome extension.