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EtherScope nXG: Cannot connect to WiFi, Excess ARP activity

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If you are seeing the below error trying to stay connected to WiFi on the EtherScope nXG, here is the solution:
%CLIENT_EXCLUSION_SERVER-5-ADD_TO_EXCLUSIONLIST_REASON_DYNAMIC: Chassis 1 R0/0: wncmgrd: Client MAC: 00c0.175 was added to exclusion list associated with AP Name:eWLC-9136i-01, BSSID:MAC: 687dd, reason:Excess ARP activity
The error is based on the message this is the IDS not liking the pace of the unit discovering the network and adding us to a deny list -  reason:Excess ARP activity
By default we do 100 ARPs per second and that works for most networks. To fix the issue:
1. Go into the Discovery.
2. Go to App settings.
3. Dial the ARP rate down to 5, 10, or 20 per second to stay below the IDS radar. It will result in slower discovery but otherwise will be fine.