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Enhanced AutoTest Features (EtherScope nXG)

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Please note these features are only available on version 1.2. A valid AllyCare support contract is required to download. Visit To update your unit please see: EtherScope nXG: Updating Software

A number of enhancements in version 1.2 expand the use models for EtherScope nXG, provide more actionable information, and make the network analysis process more efficient.

•    Periodic AutoTest – When the analyzer is in Periodic AutoTest mode, the EtherScope nXG runs AutoTests at specified intervals (from 1 minute to 24 hours) and sends the results to Link-Live so that you can view the results over time. This is an effective way to “monitor” aspects of your network for an extended period, or to help diagnose intermittent issues without having to manually execute multiple tests. 
Results are automatically timestamped and can be prefixed with a user-entered comment for grouping or organization. Test results can be quickly analyzed in Link-Live using the filtering and sorting functions.
•    “Stop After” and “Skip” Configurations – These settings direct AutoTest to stop testing after the selected test step or to skip a specific test. Useful when diagnosing issues with only specific services, or when conducting network services tests at various stages of deployment, this allows the successful completion of an AutoTest even when not all services are available.
•    Wi-Fi Band Selector in AutoTest Profile – Wi-Fi band selection gives the user control over which band the unit will connect to (when band selection is not set by SSIDs), enhancing control over Wi-Fi test profiles.
•    Display Trended Ping/TCP Connect Results – Useful for verifying Fast Roaming, the Wi-Fi AutoTest Link card now includes Ping or TCP connect test results time-correlated to other metrics (SNR, Utilization, Tx rate, Retries) provides insight into connectivity (100ms resolution) during the roaming process.