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Updating Software (EtherScope nXG, LR10G, AirCheck G3, CyberScope, CyberScope Air)

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Your EtherScope nXG, LinkRunner 10G, and/or CyberScope accesses software updates from the Link-Live Cloud Service. If you would prefer to manually update, follow the Manual Update Instructions. 
NOTE: You must create an account and "claim" your unit to the Link-Live Cloud Service to be able find and download software updates. 
The first time you claim your unit to Link-Live, a software update may be available. If so, an update icon (down arrow) appears in the Status Bar. Slide down the Top Notification Panel and select the notification to update your unit.
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Check for Updates: 
1.  To check for available software updates at any time, open the Link-Live App from the Home screen.
2.  In the Link-Live App, tap the menu icon or swipe right to open the left-side Navigation Drawer. 
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3.  Tap Software Update. The Software Update screen opens and displays the version number of the available update.  
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4.  If a System Update is available, touch Download + Install to update. 
5.  The files download and install. When finished, the unit will restart.
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