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Battery Pack Options (EtherScope nXG)

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As the popularity of AirMapper on the EtherScope nXG increases, more and more customers have requested for us to find a way to extend the EtherScope nXG battery life. Because of that we spent some time finding a solution and decided that the best way to extend the battery life of an EtherScope nXG would be by using an external battery pack. While there are some power banks that will not work, the following products should work for the Etherscope nXG.


While there are likely other ones that will work, keep in mind it must meet certain criteria as it uses basic USB-C high power charging.

  1. It has to be able to negotiate a USB-C PD contract of 9, 12, or 15V.
  2. It has to be capable for 100% charging of the 46Wh EtherScope.
  3. It must be a USB-C brick which matches well with the EtherScope power adapter.