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Activation and Registration Process

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Applies to AirCheck G3, CyberScope, CyberScope Air, EtherScope nXG (EXG-300), and LinkRunner 10G (LR10G-200)

The AirCheck G3, CyberScope, CyberScope Air, EtherScope nXG (EXG-300 models), and LinkRunner 10G (LR10G-200 models) all require an activation code for product usage. You have 30 days from first start up to register the product and receive your product Activation Code. The following will take you step-by-step to Register your AirCheck G3, EtherScope nXG, CyberScope, or LinkRunner 10G product and receive and enter your Activation Code.

1. Using Chrome, Edge, or Safari browsers, login to the Registered Products page from located in the top right, under Sign In.

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If you are a new user, simply set up a new account following the steps under CREATING AN ACCOUNT described here:

KB Article · Customer Self-Service (

2. Select Register Product

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3. Input the requested information including Serial Number, Product Name (will auto-populate), Purchase Date (using the calendar or month/day/year format), and Company name from whom the product was purchased.

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4. After selecting, Register Product, your registered products page should load. If you do not see the product that you just registered, you may need to wait 5 – 10 seconds and refresh the page. Note that your AllyCare Support may take up to 72 hours to be displayed. If you have claimed your device on Link-Live, you may not see your AllyCare reflected until the AllyCare registration process has been completed.

From this page, select the Get Code link to the right of your AirCheck G3, EtherScope nXG, CyberScope, or LinkRunner 10G.

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5. A pop-up dialogue should appear at the top of your browser window.

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6. Input this code on the Activation screen that appears when you power on your device and tap VALIDATE.

NOTE: If you receive an authentication code with the letter "n", that is not a valid character. Please log out and log in again using Chrome, Edge or Safari browsers.

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