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Simultaneous Active/Passive Survey (EtherScope nXG)

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Starting with EtherScope nXG v1.4, the AirMapper Site Survey app now supports Active surveys in addition to Passive surveys. This allows for a simultaneous collection of data using both the Wi-Fi test port and Wi-Fi management 1x1 port.

Active 1x1 Survey Configuration
When the Wi-Fi Management port is connected to an SSID, its active connection data will be added to any survey points taken. It doesn't matter what type of survey you are taking – passive or active. This allows for the simultaneous data collection.

Note: There is no indication in AirMapper that a survey point has this data until viewed on Link-Live.  Users will have to look for the WiFi icon in the Android Notification/Status Bar (at the top of the screen).

To enable Management Port Active Survey data:​
Settings > Network & Internet > WiFi – enable and connect to desired SSID.

What does it look like in Link-Live?

What does it look like in Survey Pro?
Exported to Survey Pro, a new icon will be shown for this survey type:

Note: Media type is unknown in management port surveys. Less gathered information means there are less heatmaps available.
Survey Properties include​: 

  • Survey Type information: AirMapper Management Port Active​
  • Adapter Name: AirMapper

Heatmaps for Management Port Surveys include the following:

  • Signal Strength
  • Measured PHY Data Rate Up
  • AP Operating Mode
  • Channel Width