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Performance App for Dark Media (EtherScope nXG/LinkRunner 10G)

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LANBERT is recommended for direct connect layer 1 physical media testing.  LANBERT requires little to no setup on direct connect and is designed to test the physical layer. 
The Performance App is suggested to use if testing through switches and network infrastructure.

LANBERT is recommended for dark fiber/copper, instead of this setup
Setup for using the Performance app over Dark Fiber / Direct connect copper:

  • Run AutoTest on both units:
    • Ensure that Periodic AutoTest is disabled. This can be seen from the main profile screen. 
    • Ensure that there is only 1 AutoTest profile      (not necessary, but it makes it less likely to have a profile group run)
    • In DHCP Settings -  Set the Static IP’s and ensure that they are in the same subnet for both units
    • In Setings/Wired Connections  -   Enable Link persistence
    • In Settings – disable ‘Wait For Network Traffic’
    • In Settings – Set ‘Stop After’ to DHCP     (not needed, but makes it less confusing and fewer distractions)
      • Run the AutoTest on Both units and look for top Link LED’s to be on
  • Performance App Peer:
    • Ensure that the START button is pushed on the peer and that status shows ‘Ready’
  • Performance App Master:
    • Ensure that the address is pointing to the correct Peer
    • Press START
  • The test should then run