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Cloud Remote (EtherScope nXG)

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Please note this feature is only available on version 1.2. To update your unit please see: EtherScope nXG: Updating Software

The Link-Live Remote feature uses end-to-end encryption, allowing secure remote control of your EtherScope. On your EtherScope, go to General Settings> Link-Live Remote to ensure the feature is enabled.

NOTE: If a Password is enabled in the VNC General Settings, you must also enter the same password to access the Remote feature in Link-Live.

1. If you have AllyCare, sign in to to access the Link-Live Remote feature. Your EtherScope must be claimed.

2. Navigate to the Units page at

3. Select the EtherScope you want to remote control from the list of claimed units.

4. Click or touch the REMOTE icon at the top right of the page to open an embedded window containing the EtherScope interface.

5. If necessary, at the top of the window, enter the Password set in General Settings >Management >VNC on the EtherScope unit.