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Discovery (EtherScope nXG, CyberScope, LR10G)

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Training Video on Discovery

Discovery finds, classifies, and displays— through Ethernet, fiber, and Wi-Fi—the details of network components. Information provided by Discovery can include the following:

  • IP, BSSID, and MAC addresses
  • Device Names
  • Device Connectivity
  • SNMP Data
  • Network Problems
  • Interface Details and Statistics


Devices are discovered via ARP and Ping sweeps; SNMP, DNS, mDNS, and netBIOS queries; and passive traffic monitoring. Discovery classifies each device as it is found. Up to 2,000 devices can be reported. The Discovery app also detects Problems with discovered devices, including Warning and Failure conditions. The EtherScope's discovery process begins when the unit is powered on. A channel scanning notification in the top Status Bar indicates that the EtherScope is scanning Wi-Fi channels to passively discover devices on the wireless network. Once a network connection (wired or Wi-Fi, test or management) is established, the active discovery process begins.


Main Discovery List Screen

The main Discovery screen lists all the devices the EtherScope has discovered. 

Like in AutoTest and other EtherScope screens, the icons in Discovery change color to indicate a Warning or Failure condition. Discovery also displays device icons in Blue to indicate Problem-related information that does not constitute a warning or failure, and Green to indicate that a previous Problem has been resolved. 

From the main Discovery screen, you can filter and sort the listed devices, open the left side navigation drawer to configure settings, and touch adevice's card to view its details.


Refreshing Discovery

Touch the action overflow icon at the top right of the main Discovery screen, and select Refresh Discovery to refresh the active Discovery process.


  • REFRESH DISCOVERY: restarts the active discovery process without clearing the already discovered devices.
  • CLEAR AND RERUN DISCOVERY: clears the accumulated results and restarts the discovery process.

Touch the action overflow icon at the top right of the main Discovery screen, and select Upload to Link-Live  to send the current Discovery results to the Analysis page on