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General: Wiremap Adapter Compatibility

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A wiremap adapter is used in conjunction with a supported tester to measure cable characteristics:

  • length
  • shorts
  • opens
  • splits
  • cross over cables

Some adapters also feature a numerical value to facilitate cable identification using multiple, differently-numbered adapters simultaneously. Refer to the following to determine the type of adapter to use with the various LinkRunner AT models:


WireView 1 & WireView 2-6

Compatible with: 

  • LinkRunner AT
  • LinkRunner G2
  • EtherScope nXG
  • OneTouch AT

Legacy compatibility:

  • LinkRunner Pro & Duo
  • Nettool Series II
  • EtherScope
  • EtherScope Series II
  • MetroScope
  • OneTouch

LRUN-VM (#0) & Cable ID Kit (#1 - #8)
Compatible With: LinkRunner

Compatible With: Nettool