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AirMapper Heat Maps (Link-Live)

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Please note this feature is only available on the following devices and versions:
EtherScope nXG version 1.2:  To update your unit please see: EtherScope nXG: Updating Software
AirCheck G2 version 5.0: To update your unit please see: AirCheck G2: Updating Firmware

The AirMapper* Site Survey application enables you to perform a Wi-Fi survey of an indoor or outdoor location and upload it to Link-Live. From here, you can view heatmaps and Wi-Fi measurements for each data collection point. The Signal heatmap is available to all users, however, some features are only available to units with a valid AllyCare support contract.


To access your heatmaps, a new icon (highlighted below) will appear in Link-Live after you have uploaded your first survey.


From here, select the survey you want to view and then click View Survey from the upper right corner. The heatmap for that survey will appear.


Under options, for units with AllyCare support you can also view maps of Noise, SNR, and Max TX and RX rates.


Clicking on Filter will allow you to filter you data in various ways. Keep in mind some filtering options do require a valid AllyCare support contract.