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AirMapper Survey Types (AM Survey)

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There are three types of AirMapper Surveys, which can be exported to AirMagnet Survey:  Passive, Active using the WiFi Test adapter, Active using the 1x1 Management port adapter.  The AirCheck G2 supports Passive and Active Surveys.  The EtherScope nXG supports Passive, Active using the WiFi Test adapter and Active using the 1x1 Management port adapter.

In AirMagnet Survey, these surveys will be represented as follows:

Type Icon Adapter Name
Passive Survey AirMapper
Active Survey AirMapper
AirMapper Management Port Active AirMapper

In AirMagnet Survey PRO, these are the available heatmaps by AirMapper Survey Type:

Heatmap Passive Active Management Port Active
Signal Strength yes yes yes
Noise Level yes yes n/a
Signal/Noise Ratio (SNR) yes yes n/a
Channel Interference yes yes n/a
Predictive PHY Data Rate Down yes n/a n/a
802.11n yes n/a n/a
802.11ac yes n/a n/a
802.11ax yes n/a n/a
Channel Overlap 802.11ac yes n/a n/a
Measured PHY Data Rate Up n/a yes yes
AP Operating Mode yes n/a yes
Channel Width yes n/a yes
Retry n/a yes n/a