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Link-Live: Buffered Test Results per Unit

Number of test results that are buffered when unit is unable to connect to Link-Live.

General: How to find a Serial Number

How to find a Serial Number of any NetAlly product.

EtherScope nXG/CyberScope: How to take a screenshot

How to take a screenshot and access it later on the EtherScope nXG or CyberScope.

EtherScope nXG/LinkRunner 10G/CyberScope: Performance Testing

How to run Performance tests using the EtherScope nXG/CyberScope.

General: iPerf & Speedtest Limitations

Speed limitations when using iPerf or Ookla Speedtest.

General: Forgotten Password for Product Registration Site

How to reset a forgotten password on the Product Registration site.

Activation and Registration Process

Registering your AirCheck G3, Etherscope nXG (EXG-300), CyberScope, or LinkRunner 10G with AllyCare

EtherScope nXG/LinkRunner 10G/CyberScope: Updating Firmware

How to update the firmware/software on your EtherScope nXG, LinkRunner 10G or CyberScope.

EtherScope nXG/LinkRunner 10G/AirCheck G3/CyberScope: Log Files

How to export log files from the EtherScope nXG, LinkRunner 10G, AirCheck G3, or CyberScope.