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AirMagnet Survey/Planner

AM Survey: Preferred 802.11ac WiFi Adapters

Listing of the preferred 802.11ac adapters for use with AM Survey.

AM Survey: Limitations of 'Other' WiFi Adapters

AM Survey from v9.2.1: Limitations of 'Other' WiFi Adapters

AM Survey: Configuring a Windows Wireless Profile for Active Surveys

How to configure a Windows wireless profile for active surveys.

AM Survey: How to Delete a Windows Wireless Profile

How to delete a Windows wireless profile.

AM Survey: Calibrating GPS Coordinates

How to calibrate GPS coordinates in AM Survey.

AM Survey: GPS COM Port Configuration

How to configure the COM port to communicate with your GPS device.

AM Survey/Planner: AP Grouping

AP grouping functionality within AirMagent Survey.

AM Survey: Configuring the Windows Firewall for iPerf Port Access

How to configure the Windows Firewall for iPerf port access.

AM Planner: Creating a Custom Antenna Pattern

How to create a custom antenna pattern in AM Planner.

AM Planner: Walls vs Attenuation Tool

How to use the wall and attenuation tools in AirMagnet Planner.

AM Survey: Display of 40, 80, and 160 MHz Channels

Displaying 40, 80, and 160 MHz Channels in AirMagnet Survey.

AM Survey: Using Intel 6200/6300 Adapters

Using Intel 6200/6300 adapters with AirMagnet Survey.

Link-Live: AirMapper Feature Availability

Table which outlines availability of various Link-Live features with and without AllyCare.

AM Survey: AirMapper Survey Types

Passive and Active Surveys within AirMapper

AM Survey: Survey-on-Demand Registration and Installation

How to Register Survey-on-Demand (rental) Licenses

AM Survey PRO: FAQ and General Troubleshooting

Covers frequently asked questions regarding WiFi adapters, documentation, viewer licenses.

General: No Log4j Security Vulnerability Product Impact

Impact of Log4j security vulnerability on NetAlly products or websites

AM Survey/Planner: Planner button is missing in v10.5

How to transfer legacy single floor Planner projects to MultiFloor Planner; re-enabling the legacy single floor Planner option

AM Survey: Registration, Installation, & Licensing

How to register, install and license your AirMagnet Survey software.

AM Survey/Planner: 'No Valid License Detected on Your System'

Troubleshooting steps for 'No Valid License Detected on Your System'.

AM Survey/Planner: Upgrade Instructions

This article describes the upgrade process for AirMagnet Survey.

AM Survey/Planner: MAC Address Reset

How to reset the MAC address for AirMagnet Survey.

AM Survey: v9.2.0 and earlier: Limitations of 802.11ac Standard WiFi Adapters

Limitations of 802.11ac standard WiFi adapters for AM Survey v9.2.0 and earlier.

AM Survey: Configuring an iPerf Survey

How to configure an iPerf Survey using iPerf 1.7.