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Registration, Installation, & Licensing (AM Survey)

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To start using AirMagnet Survey, you will need to register, download, install, and license your product using a My AirMagnet account.  Written instructions are listed below.  

For your convenience, three short videos are available which walks you through the steps:


1. Ensure there is an active internet connection before starting
2. Have your Product Serial Number ready (e.g., A4018-nnnnnnnn).
    Find this either in the information in the plastic envelope you received with your product or in the email you received from NetAlly.
3. Visit
4. Enter your Product Serial Number & choose a MAC address option.   If you know the MAC address you want tied to the product, check this box; else leave it unchecked, and you can set this during installation.
5. Select a My AirMagnet account option.  If you have an account, select the first option; click Next to sign into your account,  Otherwise, create an account by selecting the second option.
6. Provide your contact details (please do not use abbreviations), Product Serial Number and Serial Key.
7. Click on Submit to complete the Registration Process; you will receive an email confirmation
    Note: A My AirMagnet account will provide advantages such as software downloads, latest versions, and license files; you can also reset the MAC address and submit support requests from here.

Download Software

1. Once you have registered your product, log into your My AirMagnet account at
2. On the main page, click the top left green button, 'Software Downloads' or click the 'Registered Products / Downloads link in the left sidebar to visit the software downloads page.
3. Find your product in the list and then click the folder icon in the downloads column to download the software to your computer.


Before installing, please ensure the following:

1. The computer/tablet you are using meets the minimum system requirements.
2. You are not running the operating system via VMWare.
3. You are logging in to Windows as a local computer administrator.
4. Locate the installer that you downloaded and run it.
5. You can accept all the defaults. The installer is finished when you see a screen with a Finish button.

Note: Some anti-virus applications may interfere with the successful installation of the application.  If errors are encountered, temporarily disable your anti-virus application during installation.


Once the product is installed, you will now launch it in order to license it. Before launching the application, please ensure that the drivers are installed for your WiFi adapter.
The Proxim 8494 drivers are found here: C:\Program Files (x86)\AirMagnet Inc\AirMagnet Surveyor\USBabgnDriverInstaller\setup.exe.  The Netscout D1080 drivers are found here: C:\Program Files (x86)\AirMagnet Inc\AirMagnet Surveyor\NTCTUSBDriverInstaller\setup.exe.

1. Launch the application. You will receive a 'No License Found' message; this is expected, click OK.
2. Choose the top option to download a license; click Next.
3. Choose the licensing option as follows then click Next.
a. Top option if you want to license the product to the computer (you will only use the product on this computer); You will choose the Ethernet adapter on the next screen.
    b. Bottom option if you want to license the product to a supported USB WiFi adapter (you can use the product on more than one computer, but that specific WiFi adapter must be present to use the application).
4. Enter your Product Serial Number and Key in the fields and choose the correct MAC address out of the drop-down menu. If you chose the top option on the previous screen, you will select the Ethernet adapter. If you chose the bottom option, then select the WLAN adapter. Click Next and the license will download.
5. If you have another Product Serial Number for an upgrade to Survey, select Yes when prompted to install another license; in most cases (with an A4018 license), select No.
Survey should now launch and you can use the application.