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AM Survey/Planner: MAC Address Reset

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MAC Address Reset

The AirMagnet Survey software license must be associated with either the MAC address of either the supported WiFi adapter or the Ethernet port on the PC to which it is installed. The serial number of the registered software product must have a current AllyCare support maintenance contract and the product serial number must have MAC resets remaining. No more than five (5) MAC resets are allowed per registered product.

You can license the product to any MAC address, but be sure to have a supported WiFi adapter to use with AirMagnet Survey. Check your My AirMagnet account for drivers for your supported adapter, in the Documents/Drivers section. The list of supported adapters is found here.

Please have the serial number, serial key, and new MAC address available when you do this. 

Online MAC Address Reset: 

  • Log in to your My AirMagnet account
  • Select ‘MAC Address Reset’ from the left sidebar,
  • Fill out the form:
    • Product serial number (beginning in A or B; e.g. A4018- or B4010-),
    • Your first and last name,
    • Your company,
    • Your email address and phone number.
  • Click ‘I Agree’ after reading the terms posted,
  • Select a reason for the reset from the list. Do not select ‘Other’ as that will then require you to contact TAC to proceed with the reset,
  • Select one of two options for completing the reset and Click Next,
    • Top option: blanks out your address. This allows you to choose the MAC from within the product licensing screens,
    • Bottom option: sets the address manually and allows you to download the license from My AirMagnet.
  • If satisfied with the confirmation page, click Confirm.

Once you have reset your MAC address, you will need a new license file.  Please see article: AM Survey/Planner: No Valid License Detected on Your System.