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Link-Live Cloud Service

Link-Live: Web Proxy Support & White-Listing

Web Proxy Support & White-Listing for connectivity to Link-Live.

Link-Live: Video Tutorial Series

Tutorial videos on how to use features within Link-Live.

Link-Live: How do I Sign In and Claim my device?

How to sign into and claim units in Link-Live.

Link-Live: Email Notifications

How email notifications work and how to configure/modify email addresses.

Link-Live: Do I have to use Link-Live for testing?

Testing options for your device.

Link-Live: How do I unclaim a Unit?

How to unclaim a unit in Link-Live.

Link-Live: Buffered Test Results per Unit

Number of test results that are buffered when unit is unable to connect to Link-Live.

Link-Live: How do I manage users and Organizations?

How to manage users and organizations.

Link-Live: Language Settings

How to change language settings in Link-Live.

Link-Live: Configure LinkSprinter Settings via Link-Live

How to configure LinkSprinter settings via Link-Live.

Link-Live: Configure LinkRunner AT settings via Link-Live

How to configure LinkRunner AT settings via Link-Live.

Link-Live: Reports & Data

How to generate Link-Live reports and export data.

Link-Live: Not Receiving Email Notifications or Activation Email

Troubleshooting steps when you are not receiving notifications or emails.

Link-Live: What is Link-Live?

Unified results, reporting and data management cloud portal for NetAlly Network Testers enabling collaboration across your entire team.

Link-Live: AirMapper Heat Maps

How to view AirMapper Survey heatmaps after uploading to Link-Live.

Link-Live: API Guide

How to access Link-Live results via API.

Link-Live: AirMapper Feature Availability

Table which outlines availability of various Link-Live features with and without AllyCare.

EtherScope nXG: Topology Information

Viewing Topology Information in Link-Live

Link-Live: Topology Image Save

How to save and manipulate topologies in Link-Live for viewing, documenting, and presenting.

General: No Log4j Security Vulnerability Product Impact

Impact of Log4j security vulnerability on NetAlly products or websites

Linksprinter: Cable Test Results in Link-Live

NetAlly branded units have a feature that uploads cable test results to Link-Live.

Link-Live: Change of Ownership

Instructions on how to change/transfer ownership of an organization from one email account to another.

Link-Live: Unavailable to Specific Countries

Link-Live is unavailable to these users located in one of these specific countries.

Link-Live: Hide IP Information

How to hide or show IP information in email notifications and Link-Live.

Link-Live: Outbound Ports

Outbound port numbers that need to be open for Link-Live functionality.

Link-Live: Organizing Test Results with Folders and Labels

How to organize and label test results in Link-Live.

Link-Live: How to organize test results with a + symbol

Organize test results in Link-Live by adding a + symbol.

Link-Live: How is my data secured in Link-Live?

Security measures and precautions used with the LInk-Live service.

Link-Live: Trouble Claiming Your Device?

How to resolve issues when claiming your device in Link-Live.