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Link-Live: Email Notifications

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Notifications refer to emailed test results.

How do notifications work?

These are the results that are commonly sent to the registered account holder and look similar to the example below.

You can reply to the email with a comment to annotate the test result in Link-Live. Comments starting with a forward slash (for example, "/South Campus") will be automatically filed into the folder with the same name and will create the folder if the folder name does not already exist.

Change or Add Email Addresses:

If you would like to change or add email addresses to receive results notifications, do the following:

1. Go to the Units page, by selecting Units from the left side bar.

2. Select the unit for which you would like to modify notifications.

3. In the notifications line above the Unit's details, add an email addresses to receive notifications from that unit by typing in the new address on the empty line. To delete an existing email address, select the "X" to the right of the email address.