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LinkSprinter Unit

LinkSprinter: Mobile UI

How to access the LinkSprinter mobile UI.

LinkSprinter: Configure LinkSprinter Settings via Mobile UI

How to configure the LinkSprinter Settings via Mobile UI.

LinkSprinter: Cable and Flash Port Features

How to access and use the cable and flash port features of the LinkSprinter.

LinkSprinter: Can't connect to the Mobile UI

Troubleshooting steps for issues connecting to the LinkSprinter mobile UI.

LinkSprinter: What is the LinkSprinter?

A 10-second, simple network connectivity test on copper Ethernet links; Ideal for frontline/helpdesk staff.

LinkSprinter: What do the Symbol/LED Colors Mean?

Symbol/LED color definitions on the LinkSprinter.

LinkSprinter: Restore Factory Defaults

How to restore factory defaults on the LinkSprinter.

LinkSprinter: How is the LinkSprinter Powered?

Power support options for the LinkSprinter.

LinkSprinter: Software Updates

Software updates for the LinkSprinter.

LinkSprinter: Testing a 1 GB Link

How to test a 1 GB link with a LinkSprinter unit.

LinkSprinter: Test Timeouts

Test timeout values for the LinkSprinter.

General: How to Obtain a Packet Capture

Steps on how to obtain a packet capture for troubleshooting purposes.

LinkSprinter: Environmental & Regulatory Specifications

Environmental & Regulatory Specifications for the LinkSprinter

Link-Live: Buffered Test Results per Unit

Number of test results that are buffered when unit is unable to connect to Link-Live.

Link-Live: Configure LinkSprinter Settings via Link-Live

How to configure LinkSprinter settings via Link-Live.

General: How to find a Serial Number

How to find a Serial Number of any NetAlly product.

LinkSprinter: Proxy Configuration

How to configure the LinkSprinter for proxy support.

General: Missing Switch Information via CDP/LLDP

NetAlly products examine and parse the first Layer 2 (CDP/LLDP/EDP/FDP) discovery packet.

General: No Log4j Security Vulnerability Product Impact

Impact of Log4j security vulnerability on NetAlly products or websites

Linksprinter: Cable Test Results in Link-Live

NetAlly branded units have a feature that uploads cable test results to Link-Live.

LinkSprinter: PoE

Supported PoE standards for the LinkSprinter.

General: Recommended AA Batteries

These are the recommended AA batteries for use with the LinkSprinter and LinkRunner AT 1000 to prevent corrosion.

LinkSprinter: Cable Test Option

How to use the cable test option on the LinkSprinter.