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LinkSprinter: Cable and Flash Port Features

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The LinkSprinter has the ability to locate distance to cable fault, length, and status of the four pairs. It can identify shorts, splits, and opens (if more than 2 meters from the LinkSprinter). It can also be used to flash the light on a hub or switch port.

You can check distance to cable fault, length, and status of four pairs. This will not work if you are plugged into a switch. One end of the cable should be plugged into the LinkSprinter and the other end left open (not plugged into anything).

You can use this feature to flash the light on hub/switch port. This is helpful for identifying where a cable is plugged into.

You can access both of these features from the Tools menu using the mobile UI. To access the mobile UI, please see What is the LinkSprinter Mobile UI? 

Please Note: These features are not available on the classic LinkSprinter 100 and 200 models.