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LinkSprinter: Testing a 1 GB Link

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The "Test 1Gb" mode is disabled by default for maximum battery life and fast Auto-Test. To enable 1Gb Link mode, please see Configure LinkSprinter Settings via Link-Live Portal or Configure LinkSprinter Settings via Mobile UI for instructions.


When "Test 1Gb" is "On" and connected to a 1Gb (1000Base-T) switch port, the LinkSprinter ensures that it can link at 1Gbps. If both are set to 1Gb and the LinkSprinter cannot link at 1Gb due to cabling, the Link LED symbol will turn Yellow.

Please Note: After validating a 1Gb link, the LinkSprinter down-shifts to 100 Mbps for data transmission. The LinkSprinter does not transmit data at 1G.