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Test Accessory

General: How to find a Serial Number

How to find a Serial Number of any NetAlly product.

Test Accessory: Web Server Interface

How to access and use the web server interface on the Test Accessory.

Test Accessory: Factory Reset

How to perform a factory reset on a Test Accessory.

General: Missing Switch Information via CDP/LLDP

NetAlly products examine and parse the first Layer 2 (CDP/LLDP/EDP/FDP) discovery packet.

General: iPerf & Speedtest Limitations

Speed limitations when using iPerf or Ookla Speedtest.

General: No Log4j Security Vulnerability Product Impact

Impact of Log4j security vulnerability on NetAlly products or websites

Test Accessory: Utilized Ports

These ports must be open on the network for Test Accessory operation.

Test Accessory: What is the Test Accessory?

The Test Accessory is a pocket-sized iPerf server that allows you to measure throughput against any part of your network.

Test Accessory: LED Symbols

Behavior and sequence of the LED symbols on the Test Accessory.