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LinkRunner G2: Firmware Update - Automatic (OTA)

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The LinkRunner G2 (LRG2) updates the firmware via OTA (Over the Air) if your unit is claimed to Link-Live.  To update your unit please follow the OTA Update Procedure. 

If your unit is NOT claimed to Link-Live and you do not wish to use Link-Live please click here for the manual update procedure

OTA Update Procedure:

  1. From the Home Screen Tap Applications
  2. Tap Settings  
  3. Select About Tester (last option on Settings menu)
  4. Tap Check For Updates


  1. Tap Check For Updates


  1. Tap New Version (If a New Version is available it will be listed)


  1. Tap Download


  1. Tap Install

  9.    LinkRunner Firmware Update will begin the installation procedure