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AM WiFi Analyzer: No Valid License Detected

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A valid license is required to start and use WiFi Analyzer.

  • The file name is the product serial number with a .lic extension:
    • Filename: A1150-12345678.lic, or A1250-12345678.lic
    • Location: C:\Program Files\AirMagnet Inc\Laptop\
  • The HOSTLOCKADDRESS matches an adapter's MAC Address on the PC
  • The VERSIONCONTROL number is higher than the build of the installed software, a signature key that cannot be edited.

Note: The license file cannot be edited. 

You will need a new license when the following events occur:

  • MAC Address Reset (adapter change)
  • Initial installation
  • Re-installation on a new device
  • Upgrade from an older version
  • To obtain a license, please follow the steps below for your situation:

In Product Licensing
- Best for new installations, or if a MAC address if not yet assigned, or you are not sure what version of WiFi Analyzer is installed

  1. Open the application; it says 'No License Found', click OK.
  2. Choose the top option to download a license, click Next.
  3. Choose an adapter option:
    Top option: Ethernet MAC address
    Bottom option: internal or external WiFi adapter
  4. Click Next.
  5. Enter the following:
    - Product serial number and key
    - Select the correct MAC address from the drop down menu
    Ignore any Gold support info
    Click Next

    The license should download and the product should launch.

Download from My AirMagnet Account
- Best for the latest version of WiFi Analyzer and if a MAC address is assigned to the license

  1. Visit My AirMagnet > 'Registered Products / Downloads' in left sidebar​
  2. Download the license next to the correct product serial number
  3. Copy the license file to C:\Program Files (x86)\AirMagnet Inc\Laptop
  4. Launch the product