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AirCheck G2: Statement of Volatility

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Statement of Volatility
Clearing User Data from an AirCheck G2 Wireless Network Tester 
The AirCheck G2 Wireless Network Tester incorporates volatile and non-volatile memory. Volatile memory is memory whose contents are lost when power is removed. Non-volatile memory is memory whose contents are retained when power is removed. Both memory types can be sanitized to remove data previously stored in memory. The sanitation processes for each memory type are provided.

Volatile Memory:

Memory type  Size User-modifiable Function

System SDRAM            

Yes Program execution and measurement data storage 

Process to sanitize:  Power down the instrument and remove the AC power adapter for at least 60 seconds. 
Non-Volatile Memory:

Memory type             Size            User-modifiable Function
EMMC Flash  4GB Yes Program/User data (profiles, sessions, images, logs)
Serial EEPROM 32KB No  Manufacturing data (MAC address, serial number)
SPI NOR Flash  2MB No Boot loader

Process to sanitize user-modifiable data:  
1.  Connect the AC power adapter to the AirCheck G2.

2.  From the Home screen, tap Settings (gear icon).

3.  Scroll down and select Device Settings.

4.  Tap Restore Factory Defaults

5.  Tap Yes.  

NOTE: The procedure takes 30 seconds to complete, including an automatic shutdown and reboot. Do not interrupt the process while it is in progress.

Non-Volatile Media:

Memory type             Size              User modifiable    Function
USB Device  Variable Yes Removable flash storage or headset connectivity 

Process to sanitize:  Cover the port with evidence tape to ensure media devices are not used. If media is present, destroy storage media or perform multiple overwrites.