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LinkRunner G2: How To Obtain Log Files

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Follow the directions below to generate the LinkRunnerG2 (LRG2) log files. Once the log files are created they will need to be moved to a USB storage device.

  1. Enter the LRG2 testing application.
  2. Select the navigation menu at the upper left, then select About. 
  3. Press and hold NetAlly at the bottom of the screen until the "Dumpling Log" message appears. 
  4. Select the Home icon, then select the File Manager icon. Return to the main File Manager menu if needed. 
  5. Insert a USB flash drive into the USB port on the top of the LRG2. You should see an icon for USB storage appear. 
  6. Select Main Storage > autotest > Log folder to see the log files that were created  


Depending on the sort settings you may need to scroll down to see the most recent files created. The file names start with a year-month-day_random number (20180104_101816)) format and end with a .log extension.

 Note: Select the More Options menu at the upper right to change the sort settings or add the date/time details to the File Manager view. 


  1. Press and hold momentarily, each log file to highlight the file, then select Copy.
  2. Exit back to the File Manager main menu, select USB storage then select Paste. 
  3. The log files should be transferred to the USB Flash drive. 
  4. Remove the USB Flash drive from the LRG2.