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AirCheck G2: Battery & Power Issues

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The battery life for this unit is roughly between 4 and 5 hours. Keep in mind this number commonly varies based on screen brightness.

Battery Drains Fast/Doesn't Hold A Charge
1.  Adjust your screen brightness for the environment you are 
2.  Make sure you allow the battery to fully charge (the red LED light will turn off). Leave it on the charger overnight.

3.  Make sure Auto-Shutoff is set to On. (Settings -> Device Settings)

Unit Does Not Power On
1.  Does the red LED light come on when the charger is plugged in? The LED will turn off when fully charged, does the light turn off? If so, how long does it take?

2.  Make sure when pressing the power button, you hold for a couple of seconds before you let go.
3.  Leave the unit on the charger overnight. 

4.  If possible, try another charger.


Extend Battery Life for Storage

If you are storing the AirCheck G2 for a period of time please note the information below.

If you have charged your unit from a dead battery without powering it on, the unit uses more current when the unit is off than normal. To extend the charge storage life, after charging, power the unit on first (to a lower current mode), then you can proceed to powering it off and storing.