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OneTouch AT: KRACK Release Message

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On April 27, 2018, firmware version 6.5.2 was released which includes the following WPA supplicant fixes to address:

1. The AutoTest feature in which OneTouch AT connects to a WLAN using WPA/WPA2 for testing connectivity.
2. When using web-browser or Telnet communication over the OneTouch AT Wi-Fi test port. 

Two USB-based Wi-Fi adapters certified for OneTouch to use for management port connectivity have been tested for KRACK vulnerability when used with OneTouch running firmware version 6.5.2:

1. Asus USB-N10 Nano
2. Netgear WNA1000M

OneTouch AT customers with a unit(s) running v6.5.1 firmware that has been claimed to Link-Live can request software update directly from the unit’s “Tool/Update Software” menu.