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AllyCare is a comprehensive support and maintenance service for NetAlly’s Network Tools and AirMagnet® software that offers significant value over standard warranty. Membership of AllyCare can be purchased for either a 1-year term, 2-year term (for select products) or the value-added 3-year term. For more information click here.
[PLEASE NOTE: Any product purchased from unauthorized third-parties (e.g. online auction sites, end-users, aftermarket users, etc.)
will not qualify for nor receive AllyCare support. See additional AllyCare Restrictions below.]

Key Features*

Software Upgrades/Updates

Software Upgrades/Updates

By maintaining your AllyCare membership throughout the life of your product you can ensure your NetAlly handheld network tester or AirMagnet software is kept up to date with the latest features and functionality. AllyCare members receive access to all software upgrades that deliver major new features and enhancements.

AllyCare-Enabled Product Features

AllyCare-Enabled Product Features

Only members with active AllyCare support will enjoy the additional benefits of AllyCare-enabled features, giving your NetAlly products enhanced testing and analysis capabilities. For more information, please click here



AllyCare members gain peace of mind from knowing that if their NetAlly tester is damaged from normal wear and tear NetAlly will repair or replace the unit, including shipping costs.
(Repairs require prior qualification troubleshooting by our Technical Assistance Center.)

Accessory Replacement

Accessory Replacement*

Some accessory parts are essential to your NetAlly Handheld network tester or AirMagnet product. Standard warranty on accessories is 90 days, but with AllyCare membership, accessories that ship with your unit are covered under the terms of repair (once qualified as defective by our Technical Assistance Center). With a value of $100-500, upgrading from warranty to AllyCare can save you significant expense if your battery or other accessory should fail.

Priority Technical Support

Priority Technical Support

AllyCare includes priority access to our world-class Technical Assistance Center (TAC) with online case submission and tracking of your support calls and resolution.

If you are interested in buying AllyCare Support, click here, or contact us at 1-844-878-2559 or International +1-719-755-0770.

*  AllyCare Restrictions (See Support Services Terms & Conditions* for complete coverage and limitations at:
  • Any product purchased from unauthorized third-parties (e.g., online auction site, end-users, aftermarket users, etc.) will not qualify for nor will receive AllyCare support.
  • AllyCare membership may not be available in all countries. Please confirm with your NetAlly representative before purchasing.
  • Covers damage from normal wear and tear (does not cover accidental damage)
  • Applies to defective accessories from the original product purchase